Calling on ADEN Services to maintain your Research & Development center, you make sure to rely on a partner who brings safety and efficiency for your laboratory, easing creativity of employees and ensuring on-site safety.
With extensive maintenance knowledge and practical capability, ADEN Services brings integrated on-site R&D facility maintenance solutions that will help your company to achieve professional cost-saving strategies while ensuring high quality levels that fit your international standards and company policies.

R&D facility maintenance company

ADEN Services solutions:
Our company will provide you with tailor made and comprehensive services for your Research and Development facilities: your laboratories, offices, clean room and suppressed room.

  • Scope of equipment:
  • Chillers and Precise Air Conditioning
  • Boilers
  • HV and LV electrical systems
  • Elevators and Cargo lifts
  • Generators
  • Air Compressors
  • Water Treatment
  • Laboratory Biosafety Hood
  • Laboratory Instrument ventilation systems
  • Sewage treatment stations
  • CCTV and Access Control systems
  • UPS
  • BMS
  • Fire Protection
  • Kitchen Equipment
  • Others equipment depending on your contract


  • Client benefits:
  • Cost optimization solution
  • Peace of mind
  • Short Return On Investment

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