ADEN Services has been providing on-site facilities maintenance solutions toward companies for more than 15 years. At ADEN Services, we know that your company needs continue staff training regarding technical skills, as well as continue search and inspect for defects.

Choosing ADEN Services as a partner for your on-site maintenance needs, we will first implement operation and maintenance management system for the whole industrial and facilities equipment in scope.

The maintenance manager will focus on the operation and consolidation of all the corrective actions as well as the daily monitoring and implementation of improved system for all equipment. The team will focus on enhancing service quality through efficient management as well as optimized communication.


On-site Maintenance Company

  • Scope of work:
  • Life cycle and asset management
  • The life cycle management of your equipment will be enhanced with the help and experience of our on-site maintenance manager.
  • Response time for on-call
  • ADEN Services provides a dedicated team of experts available through on-call service, in order to serve your facility maintenance needs. The availability of the team depends on your expectations.
  • Time management system
  • Day after day, ADEN Services will ensure optimization of the team workload through time management system keeping in mind that cost efficiency is your priority.


  • ADEN Services has worked for more than 15 years with factories, hotels, hospitals, R&D centers, office buildings, and stores or shopping centers providing on-site maintenance services such as:
  • HVAC, refrigeration, heating and cooling system maintenance
  • CMMS, building management and automation system
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Water supply and sewage
  • Fire fighting system and piping maintenance
  • Buildings and grounds maintenance
  • Motor management programs
  • Other services depending on your expectations

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