At ADEN Services, we know that a clean and efficient work environment is essential to the success of any company. It can convey a professional image to your clients as well as enhance the productivity of your employees. Choosing a professional office maintenance service provider involves more than just the essentials of a clean facility. Personal attention to details, commitment and reliability of the office maintenance staff and the security of your facility are just as important.

We believe that quality surpasses quantity. We currently service a significant number of international very demanding companies. Let ADEN Services give you that same attention you deserve and help you make your company look and work at its best.

ADEN Services solutions:
We will provide you on-site office maintenance services with a flexible roster to cover all facilities and office equipment smooth operation and maintenance.
With a strong focus on reactivity, client/guest experience and safety of the employees at office, our company services you and answers your every needs to make sure your office equipment will have no disruption during it’s opening hours.

  • Scope of work:
  • Energy center creation (boilers, water treatment, HV and LV voltage stations, chilling and heating air ventilation, etc.)
  • Property management (all buildings and infrastructure linked to you factories and within our scope)
  • Supplier and maintenance management
  • CMMS and maintenance program optimization
  • Energy management
  • Project management
  • HSE management
  • Team of experts on site
  • Helpdesk/Hotline services

Office Maintenance Company

  • Scope of equipment:
  • HVAC, heating and cooling systems
  • Low voltage Electrical systems
  • High voltage Electrical systems
  • Gas systems
  • Fire fighting systems
  • Fire fighting systems (operation, maintenance, management of all equipment)
  • Building and grounds
  • Non-production equipment (all network from the last valve of the energy creation systems until the first connection to the process)
  • Canteens
  • Others, depending on your contract
  • Client benefits:
  • Cost efficient solution
  • Short Return on Investment
  • Peace of mind
  • Better efficiency of your office equipment

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