Traditional lightning protection system consists of a network of equipment, conductors and earthling electrodes that provide essential protection to buildings and its contents.
ADEN Services has been providing a comprehensive lightning maintenance and specialized earthling service to clients for over 10 years. We know that lightning strikes can have devastating consequences to buildings and structures that are not adequately protected.
A properly designed and maintained lightning protection system will carries the lightning strike safely to ground, avoiding damage to your property and life at stakes.

Lightning System Maintenance

At ADEN Services, we pride ourselves in maintaining system to the highest standards using only the best materials and people that will allow you to protect your facilities and building all over their life span.

  • Scope of work:
  • Sub Station earthing
  • Transformer earthing
  • Generator earthing
  • Thermo welding
  • Static earthing
  • Communications mast earthing
  • Waste to power earthing system
  • Rail industry earthing system
  • Surge Protection
  • Periodical testing, inspection and maintenance
  • Strike lightning protection system
  • Risk assessments


  • Client benefits:
  • Avoid surge and damage that can result from lightning and strikes
  • Professional and trained technicians that will take care of your facilities on-site at anytime
  • Analysis and reduction in number of down conductors and earth terminations
  • On-site safety for your people

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