ADEN Services provides maintenance solution for hospitals and medical healthcare centers by monitoring, operating and maintaining the lightning, plumbing, electrical distribution, air conditioning/heating system and other equipment linked to the creation and distribution of the energy through the Hospital.
Our extensive experience in equipment preventive maintenance program is fully computerized via CMMS and detailed periodical summary listing of the outstanding equipment preventive maintenance tasks.

Hospital Maintenance Company

ADEN Services solution:
Our Hospital Maintenance experts support this effort by maintaining the healthcare and physical environment and providing maintenance services towards the goal of achieving excellence in the delivery of quality healthcare and public service.
We serve as a direct resource to the hospital in providing a safe, functional, supportive, and effective environment for patients, staff members, and individuals who come to your hospital facilities. This includes not only the main medical campus, but all of the buildings and clinics that are part of the hospital.
Our complete maintenance packages are offered to cover all the requirements of the relevant authorities, including preventive maintenance schedules, accreditation advice and support, and 24 hour emergency support service for after hours breakdowns.
All maintenance and repair work is performed to meet local and international Standards and Manufacturer recommendations.

  • Scope of work:
  • Operation and maintenance of lightning, plumbing, electrical distribution, air conditioning/heating system
  • Energy creation management
  • Energy distribution management
  • Shutdown Coordination
  • Maintenance hotline / helpdesk
  • Preventive maintenance program
  • Technical Cleaning
  • Patient technical transport equipment
  • Building Management System
  • Medical gas system including all associated equipment
  • Client benefits:
  • Cost effective solution
  • On site safety
  • Peace of mind
  • Return on investment
  • Asset optimization through longer life span

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