ADEN Services’ responsibility in equipment commissioning is to ensure that all projects are designed and installed in a safe manner and in conjunction with all applicable regulations and codes.
At ADEN Services, we always keep in mind that issues related to equipment pre-commissioning or commissioning are all those that proactively address the safety, health and environmental issues relating to the design, installation, start-up, and the operation and maintenance of equipment.

Equipment Mobilization, Start up and Implementation

At ADEN Services, we know that mobilization of equipment and services must occur exactly when required, and the time spent in the preparation must have a minimal impact on the critical path.
To this end, ADEN Services ensures that all equipments are available exactly when and where required, no matter how remote the location or difficult the conditions.

  • Scope of work:
  • HVAC system
  • Electrical transformation and substation
  • Boiler heating System
  • Fire fighting system
  • Gas system
  • Building and construction equipment
  • Lighting system
  • Air-compressed system
  • Witness the installation of all equipment related to our Scope Of Work
  • Consolidate Preliminary OEE
  • Confirmation on design choices done considering the Life Cycle Cost (LCC)
  • Carry on initial FMEA/FMECA
  • Project data that affect equipment RMA (Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability)
  • Punch-list for critical equipment
  • Creation and Follow-up of the Punch items action plans
  • Initial evaluation on critical equipment and setting up condition-based/ predictive maintenance to anticipate or prevent failures
  • Training to operate and maintain new equipment
  • Key operators and maintenance technicians in whole commissioning period
  • Consolidate the functional tree forelementary piece of equipment (unit/phase/function/components) from project team.
  • Consolidate whole equipment specifications, data sheet, copy of purchase orders, vendors FMEA, and work’s test certificates (under paper or electronic shape) from project team.
  • Consolidate whole mechanical drawings, components data sheet, wiring, hydraulic or pneumatic diagrams…etc
  • Consolidate whole project servicing and maintenance manuals(under paper or electronic shape) from project team.
  • Consolidate Cleaning and inspection standards done early enough to be ready for startup
  • Preventive maintenance (predetermined and predictive) and inspection plan
  • Spare part inventory confirmation
  • Final acceptance


  • Client benefits:
  • Third party objectivity
  • Optimized professional team
  • Cost efficient solution
  • Peace of mind
  • On-site safety


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