Since few years already, ADEN Services has become expert in energy center operation and maintenance services. Indeed, ADEN Services maintenance division provides high end solution and services in the form of on-site professional team, dedicated to your Energy creation center and equipments.
We are responsible for monitoring, operating, maintaining and managing all equipments linked to the energy creation of your facilities and utilities building and plants, including boilers, water treatment, HV and LV stations, chilling and heating air ventilation systems, etc.
Our client references involve OEM, tier 1 and tier 2 references including top automotive companies, top OEM electronic manufacturers, top chemical plant and R&D centers as well as top heavy industrial manufacturers plants.

Power Plant Maintenance Company

  • ADEN Services provides energy monitoring, operation, maintenance and management services for power plants equipments such as:
  • Complete High voltage and low voltage system including all equipments linked to transformers and substations
    • 10kV transformer and substation
    • 35kV transformer and substation
    • 110kV transformer and substation
  • Chilling system
  • Boiling system for steam or hot water distribution
  • HVAC system
  • Complete water treatment system

We also maintain equipments involved in tri-generation processes, such as CHP, absorption chillers, cooling systems, HVAC systems, heat load, and boilers.

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